Telling My Family Pt. II

I decided to tell my sister first. It was a Friday, and I was off because of summer hours and decided to invite her to brunch. While at brunch, I played her the video of me telling my husband. She had a hard time hearing it, but when she finally got the message, she cried tears of joy. I have rarely seen my sister cry as an adult and I was definitely not expecting that reaction, but I was so thankful that I secretly recorded it. My husband couldn't believe she cried either and he says it's his favorite reaction.

Next was my brother. I told him and my parents the same day, but told him first. We had gotten together to celebrate my husband, brother's and sister's birthdays, since they are within days of each other. We were having a BBQ at my parent's. So I caught my brother in the garage and played him the video of me telling my sister. He also couldn't hear it (I think my family all needs hearing tests), so I had to explain to him the video with "I'm telling her I'm pregnant" to which he replies "You're pregnant" and the celebration ensued. He even said if he hadn't have noticed my husband recording, he would've cried.

Next, it was time to tell my parents. They knew I was getting testing for my thyroid issue, and I've had surgery for that before, so I started with that. I told them that I would be needing a medical procedure again, and was met with resistance. They were like "no, no more surgeries, now for what?". Then I smiled and said "I'm having a medical procure like in mid-March" and again they're like "for what?" and then I said "for the baby!". They didn't believe me, I had to literally swear to God before they believed me, and my mom still looked at my sister and husband first before she hugged me and burst into tears. My dad was kind of like "it's about time", but he was excited in his own way.

We told his parents at 2 months. Their reaction was a bit more subdued, but they were still very happy. This is my mother-in-laws first grandchild, so she was excited. My brother-in-law is a bit self involved, so all he kept saying was "I'm going to be an uncle?" over and over again. And then after we told them we were only 2 months pregnant, he asked if it was a boy or a girl. We explained that we didn't know yet, but we would find out later. My mother-in-law mentioned that whatever it was, as long as it was healthy was fine with her. That turned out to be a lie, she wanted a girl. But we can't always get what we want, and I was and am perfectly content with my little boy.


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