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Eres Tu...

No reason for this title, other than that's the song I'm currently listening to: Eres Tu - Carla Morrison Ando medio romanticona y melancolica pues, ja ja ja. Sera porque estoy extra├▒ando a mis padres, que se fueron de vacaciones sin mi. Oh well...can't go to all the trips, I guess.  Speaking of trips, I'm heading to Denver next month for my birthday. Ha, yeah right, more like for work, but I'll take it. It's conference time and I've been given the opportunity to go again this year, only this time it's not somewhere as exciting as New Orleans, but hey, I'm not complaining. Especially since this time, I'm taking my husband with me. My boss was the one that gave me the idea, she said plenty of people take someone with them and just hang out with them after their daytime sessions. Sounds good to me. So we're both headed to Denver and I guess it's technically for work but we can definitely kick off my birthday festivities in the evening. I