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Guess who's back...back again?

Ugh, I suck. But I have a really good reason for my absence, some of which I'll get into below. But's song of the day: This song reminds me so much of my husband, for many reasons. Mostly for these lyrics: "They dedicate their lives, to running all of his. He tries to please them all, this bitter man he is. Throughout his life of sin, he's battled constantly. This fight he cannot win, a tired man they see." Ooh, the shade. That was early on in our relationship though. I feel that God has blessed (cursed?) him with a strong woman and now he only has to please me, ha! Not really thought. I make it my business to ensure that no one takes advantage of my husband, relatives be damned. Luckily, I don't need to be liked by everyone, so it's no skin off my back to make a few enemies here and there. We just have to be cordial to each other and it's all good. None of this comes for any particular reason, things are pretty good right now. It