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September's Here

And just like that....summer's almost over. Somebody needs to let Mother Nature know, though. We've had a pretty mild summer, so of course when September rolls around, it wants to be 90 degrees. Nice. Work has been kicking my butt in that there's been lots of it. But I'm not complaining, that's what they pay me the big bucks for. Ha! I wish. But again, not complaining. On the work front, all is well so far. I mean, there's issues and frustrations from time to time, but nothing compared to how things were before for me, so I'm really not complaining. It's still not as bad as before, so I will gladly accept it. Some people in my department actually tease me because I seem so happy-go-lucky all the time. I'm all about participating in events and being a team player. How lame, ha ha. Such a 360 from the past. See what a big difference a healthy work environment makes? Geez, what a concept. Speaking of participation, we have a "Day of Service" e