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Fast Forward: 6 Month Update

I've been a little (a lot) delayed in posting.I do want to talk more about my pregnancy and my experience throughout, but I can't ignore the elephant in the room which is that the baby is already here. So I am going to skip ahead a bit and work my way back. Yes, my Peanut was born March 10th, 2017. I will save the labor & delivery story for a later (longer) post. Let's just say it was a long and strenuous process. Peanut is going to be 6 months in a few days. I will have his exact weight and measurement next week at his doctor's appointment. I doubt he is still at the same 14 lbs he weighed at his 4 month appointment as he is growing very fast. He has his two front bottom teeth, he's been rocking them since 4 1/2 months, even though the doctor said it was too early for him to be teething. Take that, doc! He has super long hair and has actually already had his first haircut, at 4 months. He already needs another one. Peanut can fly up and down the living