Fast Forward: 6 Month Update

I've been a little (a lot) delayed in posting.I do want to talk more about my pregnancy and my experience throughout, but I can't ignore the elephant in the room which is that the baby is already here. So I am going to skip ahead a bit and work my way back.
Yes, my Peanut was born March 10th, 2017. I will save the labor & delivery story for a later (longer) post. Let's just say it was a long and strenuous process.

Peanut is going to be 6 months in a few days. I will have his exact weight and measurement next week at his doctor's appointment. I doubt he is still at the same 14 lbs he weighed at his 4 month appointment as he is growing very fast.

He has his two front bottom teeth, he's been rocking them since 4 1/2 months, even though the doctor said it was too early for him to be teething. Take that, doc!

He has super long hair and has actually already had his first haircut, at 4 months. He already needs another one.

Peanut can fly up and down the living room in his walker. He loves that thing. We're working on sitting up on his own.

He loves helium balloons. We discovered this on accident on my birthday, when my husband decorated the living room for me. My mom noticed first, that the baby was fascinated with the balloons. He was about a month and a half and just loved staring at them. Now he loves grabbing them, but back then, just the sound of one hitting the balloon could put him to sleep.

He doesn't sleep through the night yet. He wakes up at least once to feed, usually around 2-3am. His sleep time varies, but we usually bathe him and start winding down around 9pm, though he rarely goes to sleep before 10:30pm. If he does, he will wake up at least twice, for sure. I know some people do sleep schedules, and maybe I should look into it, but for now, this works. I would rather just get up once during the night and go to sleep a little later, than go to bed earlier and be interrupted more than once. 

He eats 4-5oz every 2-4 hours. As with everything, it varies, depending on his mood or hunger, I guess. He eats solids now. He has tried the following: apples, bananas, carrots, green beans, sweet potato, squash, pear, peach, plum, peanut butter, watermelon, orange, lemon and lime. He was not a fan of the carrots or the green beans. Everything else he loves. He also likes snacking on dissoluble yogurt snacks. And he loves staring at you while you eat.

He is currently rocking 9 month clothes, though he can still squeeze in 6 months, if it's stretchy. Pants wise is preferably 12 mos, though those are kind of long for him. Shoes he's 6-9.

He smiles  and laughs now. He recognizes mom and dad. Also grandma and auntie. He cries when he sees his grandpas sometimes, but we're working on that.

He seems to like books, both being read to him or putting them in his mouth.

His favorite video/song is "El Patito" a parody of "Despacito" about a rubber ducky. I hate it, but he can watch it all day and it makes him smile.

For some strange reason, he also enjoys when I sing church songs to him. Who knows where he got that from, but he prefers them in Spanish and at loud volumes, much to my husband's pleasure. He likes me singing to him loudly for some reason. Strange kid.

He's a big boy. It hasn't been easy, but man, I love him.


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