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Time Flies

The last post I made on this blog was in mid-March.
I blinked and then all of a sudden April is over and we're now in May.
Where the hell has the time gone?

I can't really explain/justify my absence from blogging.
April is my birthday month and it's generally a busy month, but this month was even more busy because I was out of town for a work conference.

I went to New Orleans, LA. It was...interesting.
There were four of us who went total: my boss, a lady from Finance, an IT person, and myself.
Turns out my boss and the Finance lady are childhood friends, needless to say I felt like the 3rd wheel at times. Then the Finance lady's two guests arrived, the IT guy had his wife with him, and I just kind of realized that maybe I should've brought someone too, since this was that kind of trip. I probably would've had a better time. Though I did bond with the IT guy, always good to have a buddy in IT.

As it stands, the trip wasn't horrible. The weather kind of sucked, just…