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Notes for Peanut - 2 years, 5 months, 10 days

Hi Peanut! I am documenting some notes that I can hopefully share one day with you, so you can get a glimpse into your child hood. My memory is atrocious, so I am using this method to keep track. Today is August 20th at 9:53am. I am at work, with stacks of work piled around me, but I am doing this instead. Don't judge me. This place does not appreciate all the work your momma does and so she has to take breaks for her own mental health. It takes your parents an hour + to commute here and 2 hours to return home. We do this because we moved before finding new jobs. For you, for grandma and grandpa, for the better, I hope. Anyhoo...currently you are 2 years, 5 months and 10 days old. Man, I'm getting emotional just thinking of how big you are. But that's not what this post is about. Just wanted to track little notes, so that I can share with you later. You are a cranky kid. Trantrums galore. You don't get your way or you're playing with something and it falls, o