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I went to a funeral Sunday. I hate funerals... You might say "who doesn't?". But I'm just really bad at them. I'm a crier. Not a lot of people know that, but boy is it true, especially at funerals. I once went to the funeral of a friend's father, and people were looking at me, wondering if I was related to the family, because of how emotional I got. This last funeral though, it was the worst one of all. It was for a baby...a 7 month old. One who was taken from this world violently. We walked in and saw the white tiny casket, and my heart broke. Then we noticed that the little girl's grandpa wasn't sitting in the receiving line with the rest of the family, instead he had pulled a chair right up to the casket and was sitting next to it. My heart broke even more. The room was full of sadness, it was almost palpable. The little girl's parents were sitting in front of us, standing to greet people, and sitting down. Stand, hug and sit, stand, hug and sit

Writer's Block!!!!

The title says it all. I have a massive case of writer's block. It's been a few times a week that I've logged on, willing myself to write something and I either end up with nothing, or nothing I'd be willing to share because it makes sense to no one but me. Work is still going good, so far. There's a couple of special people here and there, but I've had plenty of experience at my old job in handling them, so it's nothing that worries me. I'm learning how to work on my patience with annoying people. I am excited about a conference I'll be headed to in April. My boss sends me a link and asks me if I'd like to go. I immediately say yes, as I'd like to learn as much as I could to succeed in my position. It's only after I reply that I click on the link and realize it's out of town. I'm going to New Orleans! Woo hoo! I've never been and I'm really excited to be going and even more excited about not paying for it, ha ha. It's