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Upcoming Vacation

I'm going on vacation in December! I'm excited! My husband and his whole family are going *cue record scratching*. Okay, so going on vacation with my inlaws is not my ideal situation, buuuuut I'm trying to be positive about it, trying really, really hard. And so far, I'm succeeding by keeping my mind on the wonderful locations we are going to visit. We are going to a few different parts of Mexico; Oaxaca, Chiapas and Mexico City. I've heard that there are some beautiful places in these parts of Mexico plus I'll be by the beach, which is my #1 favorite place, so therefore I am definitely maintaining a positive outlook on this trip. Don't get me wrong, I'm too realistic to not know that there will be times of frustration and impatience, and lots of biting my tongue involved (at least I hope I'm able to bite my tongue throughout the duration of our trip), but I'm still hoping it'll be worth it in the end. And if not, that will be the first AND l