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 Hi Peanut! You may be asking yourself why I'm writing a post titled 2020 in the middle of 2021, but the last post didn't even begin to explain the nightmare that was last year, so I'll get into that more in this post, before updating for 2021. may have heard, but 2020 sucked. I don't want to dwell on the negativity of it, but I do want to record it for posterity.  There was a global pandemic due to COVID19. Literal shut down. My job closed and sent everyone to work from home in March. Lots of places shut down. There was no toilet paper or hand sanitizer to be found. Luckily, your mom's crazy, paranoid self, had stocked up on Clorox wipes and sanitizer, because I had already heard rumblings of the disease earlier in the year.  Around this time, I switched jobs, adding further to my stress.  Along with the worries surrounding leaving your house and getting sick, there were other terrible things happening in the world: cases of police brutality against Afri