3 years, 10 months, 1 day (January 2021)

 Hi Peanut!

Happy 2021! I'm going to update my last post first, and then I'll go into explaining why it's been so long since I've posted. For once, I have a good excuse. 

Your favorite things to watch on TV currently have varied. You're not as into the Spiderverse movie. Since we just passed the holiday season, you had us watch The Grinch a numerous amount of times. But just the first half, you never let us finish it. You had your favorite parts and once those were over, you were done and would fuss until we changed it. The cartoon Grinch, you didn't like other versions. Other than that, you enjoy watching Youtube Kids (we had to wean you off regular Youtube, because you always seemed to end up on the weird side of Youtube like toy crushing vids and stuff). So on Youtube Kids, you like watching a variety of things but mainly Morpheus, Marsha and the Bear and Pocoyo. Recently we caught you watching Blippi videos again, so perhaps you're bringing him back. You're also really into Sonic the Hedgehog and Spongebob Squarepants. In other inappropriate cartoons you like to watch, The Simpson is one of those, for some reason.  p.s. We did finally get to watch Toy Story 4 and your dad and I both cried. You still have a soft spot for Toy Story, mostly the toys, moreso than the movies. Same with Sonic and Spongebob, you love their toys, but don't have to watch them on TV so much. Also, recently, you have started showing interest in Paw Patrol, so we'll see how that pans out. 

You no longer refer to our house as "casa de los trenes" but instead call it "Mom's house" which I find amusing, your dad, also owner of the house, doesn't find it as funny, ha ha. 

Your have your own tablet that we purchased for you in order to entice you to potty train and you are obsessed with it and love it. 

Your dietary changes haven't changed much. Still enjoy a licuado in the morning. Still try to sip our iced coffees. Your fruit tastes are the same; apples, bananas, strawberries, grapes, etc. Still enjoy asparagus and broccoli, but not many other veggies. Gotta work on that. You like meat, carnitas, steak, etc. Pasta a little less. And of course, still obsessed with fries and pizza. 

Grandpa and Nina are tied for your favorites. Still love playing the monstros game with Nina, except now you call her Koyoko, which is a character from The Ring, I think. You just generally love being chased. 

We have discovered that you are also a fan of showers. In fact, sometimes you prefer them to baths. Only if toys are involved, of course. 

You like all types of music now and actually get up and dance sometimes. Mommy doesn't always listen to the best music, so I need to work on that. Don't want you learning crazy stuff. Although one of your favorite phrases now is to say "What the f*ck?" I'm sure you picked up on it from me, and I feel horribly for that, so I'm working on fixing it, but now that you know you shouldn't say it, it's like you say it even more.  

You're better at identifying specific stores now. Target by far, remains your favorite. But you recognize Ross still, you love Menard's and identify if by name. And Macy's is now "la tienda de las estrellas". You love Menard's because you're a big fan of their Halloween and Christmas decor. You're actually pretty good about going to the stores, probably because you're thinking we're going to buy you something, which usually we do (must work on not spoiling you so much), but either way, I can't complain in that area. 

You're still not fully potty trained. You do pee in the toilet by yourself, but still wear a diaper overnight. You refuse to poop in the toilet. No matter what we try, you refuse. I'm not sure if there's some trauma related to that, but man, you are absolutely against it. Almost 4 years old and still wearing a diaper, sir. Yes, I am shaming you, ha ha. Changing your poopy diapers is not fun, it smells as if I were changing your dad's, ha ha. 

Your English is improving greatly. Dad and I try to speak to you mostly English at home and you seem to understand that because you reserve the Spanish for grandma and grandpa. We'll keep working on it. 

This weekend, as I was reprimanding you, you told me you were going to call the police. You said "No mami, llamar la policia" so needless to say, you can be a little manipulative sir. You don't like it when I'm upset with you, and when I am, you're quick to come hug me and kiss me as if to say "don't be mad at me, crazy woman".

So that's me updating since the last post. Lots has happened since then and I'll hopefully explain in a future post once I'm mentally ready to relive the nightmare that was 2020. 


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