Telling My Family

So my family's reactions to my pregnancy announcement were very, very interesting.
We're not a sappy, emotional family, in fact, they tease me that I'm the most sensitive one of the bunch, so I was definitely not expecting the reactions I received.
I actually recorded all of them and enjoy looking back at them from time to time.
I won't share in order to respect their privacy, and also because my sister might kill me, but I will definitely enjoy watching them over and over and maybe showing them to my baby one day.

So, hubby and I were definitely trying to get pregnant, since February, actually. Then come May/June, I was so sick, I caught back to back colds. I even went to the doctor to see what the heck was wrong with me. She basically said there was nothing she could do, that I had the misfortune of catching consecutive colds and to just drink fluids, take medicine, rest, etc. I missed a few days of work, I just felt so bad.
During this time period, we obviously stopped trying, due to me being sick all the time. I started feeling better around the end of June and without even thinking about it, that's when I ended up getting pregnant.

Beginning of July I realized I was a week late and I actually chalked it up me being so sick and all the meds I took. So I wasn't really expecting a positive pregnancy test and actually just took it because I had a few from the dollar store (don't knock them, they work), and I felt I might as well check. Much to my surprise, I saw two lines. I literally gasped out loud when I saw that. My husband was in the basement, so he didn't hear me. He would say he wanted to be told in a special way, like in the youtube videos, but I was so caught off guard that I wanted to share the news immediately and couldn't really plan anything, I was so flustered.

I ended up cleaning up the test, placing in a plastic baggie and putting it on top of his medicine tray. Then as he was coming back up from the basement, I reminded him to take his medication. He said ok and then proceeded to do other stuff and again I'm like "Don't forget to take your medicine" he looked at me like wondering why I was nagging, and was like "Okay, okay, I'll take it right now.". So he walks up to his medicine tray and grabs the test and says "What's this?" and turns to look at me and sees me standing there, kind of laughing/crying and I reply "What do you think?" and I guess my tears hit the message home because he got wide-eyed and looks back at the test and again at me and says "Really?" and then we both lose it. 

It just so happened that we were on our way to the hospital to do some testing. I have some thyroid issues and was doing testing for that. I had let my doctor know we were trying and she asked me to let her know immediately, so she can adjust my thyroid medication. She gave me her pager, so I could contact her during off hours. So after we're done celebrating, I give her a page and leave her a message and we head out to the hospital to do my lab work. She calls me back while we're on the way there and after she congratulates me and talks to me about my presciption, I mention we're on our way to take my test and she asks if I want to do a blood draw so they can confirm my pregnancy. I immediately say yes, because I only took one pregnancy test and you can never be too sure.

Monday morning the doctor called me and confirmed we were officially preggers! Because we are paranoid freaks, we didn't want to tell anyone and actually considered waiting until the 3 month mark to tell family. But then I decided, that if something were to happen and I was no longer pregnant, I would want my family to support me, and it wouldn't be fair to have them join the party at the low point, and deprive them of the moment of happiness, however brief it would be. Not sure that all made sense, but it made sense in my mind.

This post is super long, I'll be splitting it up into two parts.
I'll post telling the rest of the family in my next post. 


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