First Day!

I still have to finish the story of how I left my old job. There's fighting, trips to the ER, expensive lunches, really exciting stuff, but it also takes me to a dark place, and that's something I don't need right now, so today I will focus on something good: my first day at the new job.

I started Sept. 8th, at 8:15am. Because this is a new drive, I counted on Siri to do it, and well, that didn't work out so well. I cut it real close and arrived at 8:11am. I rushed in and met with a different HR lady that wasn't the same one I had worked with during the interview process. She took me to the cafeteria to start my new hire paperwork. New hire paperwork on the first day? That was unheard of at my last job. In fact, one time I had a new hire knock on my door on payday, asking me where their check was, when I had no clue who they were. So anyway, I complete my paperwork with the HR lady, during the course of our conversation, she mentions that the other HR lady left, which concerned me a bit. But it shouldn't have, because it turns out she left because she moved out of state for family reasons, not because she hated her job and was trying to escape, which was my initial worry.

Afterwards, she takes me back into my department, where my now supervisor was waiting for me. She smiled brightly and proceeded to give me a tour of our office. She made sure to introduce me to everyone and then took me on a full tour around the building, again, stopping by to introduce me to anyone and everyone I may interact with, including the cafeteria workers. I thought that was so nice and so important. I come from the mindset of my old job, where not everyone knew each other. Where there were new hires at the high school, and the vocational program would have no idea who they are. I really liked this idea of walking me around so everyone could see who the newbie was, and place a face to the name that had been previously announced in a company-wide email, welcoming me to my new job.

After my tour, she took me into my office, where I was greeted by goodies on my desk. I had a notebook, calendar, planner, pen and coffee mug with the logo on them, and a card, signed by everyone in my department, welcoming me. How freaking sweet was that? Oh, and the coffee mug was filled with candy. Even better. I thought that was such a nice gesture, very touching and thoughtful. Then again, considering my background, anything would impress me. I mean tours, welcome packets/card, none of that is something I was familiar with at my old job.

She then proceeded to sit with me for the rest of the day and do some training/policy review with me. Look at supervisor training me! Needless to say, I'm not familiar with that feeling. But it was nice. It feels nice to know that the person overseeing you, actually knows how to do your job. Then you have no problem respecting them as a supervisor.

I'm on Week 3 and I don't want to jinx it (knock on wood), but so far so good. I mean, of course, there's going to be issues and stress anywhere you go, but so far this place has proven itself far different from my old job. For one, my supervisor is very mindful of my time, something unheard of from the old man. She makes sure to remind me to take my lunch, and always tells me to go home if I stay past my time. She works until 9 or 10pm often, but will not hear of me staying that late with her, even though she's currently doing the duties that will eventually fall under me. I did stay until 7pm once, and she thanks me profusely, and even told me to go home a few times, but I hung in there. Then, before I left, she tells me to make sure I come in late the next day, since I stayed late. How considerate of her. I'm definitely not used to it, but I do like it. Hopefully it lasts.

Everyone keeps noticing that I'm always smiling. It's even become a joke. "Here comes Smiley", they say. It's because I'm so happy to be out of my old job, that I can't help but smile. I'm hoping for better things here. Stress, of course, but controlled stress, nothing that will make me sick or have me crying tears of rage and anger.

Here's to better times.


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