NPD Chronicles: I'm Freeeeeeeee

August 29, 2014.
This day will go down in history.
Today is my last day in this place.
It really hasn't sunk in yet.
The whole process was awesome though, I shall write another blog post about that soon.
But today, I am basking in the glory. Or trying to anyway.
This week has been rough. Even as I'm leaving, he's managing to affect me. Bastard.
But it's okay. My time here is down to minutes.
After 5 years. I can hardly believe it.
I'm on to new adventures, hopefully a much happier work environment, where I am respected and treated so differently from here.
I will miss the people...well, some more than others. Who am I kidding? Some not at all.
It has definitely been an adventure, an up and down roller coaster. While professionally, I have had some of the worst moments, personally, I've been through a lot of awesome things here. Getting engaged, planning my wedding and getting married, becoming a homeowner, and meeting some awesome girls. Such is life, you have to go through some bad things in order to get to the good parts, I guess.
My feelings towards him are the same...pure hatred. There is nothing good I can say about the man, nor is there anything I am grateful to him for. Nada.
Today he tells me that he's going to miss me, and he hopes that I'll have good memories of this place, despite him. Well, that's probably not going to happen. I will forever associate this place with him and the bad times I had here.
But it's over. Finally, it's over. I am minutes away from taking my stuff out of my office, turning in my keys, and leaving. I can't even process it. It won't hit me until next week, when Monday rolls around and I'm not here. I can't wait.


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