2 Years, 11 Months, 4 Days

Hi Peanut!

Here I am with an update to my last post.

Currently you are 2 years, 11 months and 4 days old. You're almost 3! Geez, where has the time gone? Your birthday is quickly approaching and with that, I would like to document more things about you that might entertain you in the future. 

You're still a little cranky. The tantrums seem less, not sure if that's cuz it's winter and we haven't gone out much or you're just not generally around other children. We're working on that, I swear. Gotta learn to be social even if your momma is not.  

Your favorite things to watch on TV right now are slightly different. You are currently obsessed with the Spiderman into the Spiderverse movie. I actually kinda like it. Not watching it 500 times, but I can deal with it I guess. Better than Blippi, anyway. And it has a really good soundtrack that you seem to kind of like, so that's fun. You also like to act out entire scenes from the movie, which is also super cute. You still like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Mickey Mouse Roadster Racers, Peppa Pig and we have recently gotten you into Toy Story. You have watched 1-3 (we will hopefully be watching 4 this weekend) but your favorite is 3 because it starts with a train scene. I love when you say "Woody" and "Buzz" in your little voice. 

So yes, you still like trains. Still love the train table. In fact, when we're trying to get you to want to leave grandma and grandpa's house, we have to tell you we're going to "la casa de los trenes". And that's how you know the house either "la casa de los trenes" or "la casa de spiderman", since we're the ones that put on Spiderman for you.  

I have a coloring app on my ipad that you love. I can't use my ipad at all, cuz you quickly come up to me talking about "Mami, colores? Quiere colores?" and so I have to close what I'm doing so the King can color.

You still love drinking licuados in the morning. If mommy or daddy are drinking an iced coffee though, we have to watch you as you always try sneaking sips. With grandma, you love dipping your galletas Marias in her coffee. You still love strawberries. If we let you, you would finish a whole carton in one sitting. Recently we got you into blackberries, you also like those. You mostly like eating fruit, but you also enjoy asparagus and sometimes broccoli. And you like carnita and spaghetti too. Oh, and of course, McDonald's french fries...and pizza. You would probably eat those daily if we let you.

Grandpa is still your favorite, no one compares. But your Nina comes a close second. You love playing this game where they are "monstros" and chase you around the house. With grandpa you love swiping his hat and running away with it, so he can chase you. 

You don't like sitting in your high chair anymore and instead climb right up on the dining room chair or kitchen chair like a little adult.  

You love bath time with dad and can't take one without a bunch of toys in there with you, your dad barely fits. 

You don't like when people sing around you and have taken to "shushing" us or "blowing the whistle" at us to get us to stop. That, or you say "no quiere cantar", which means you want us to shut up. 
The only music you currently like is from the Spiderman soundtrack.

When we tell you we're going to "la tienda" you think it's Target. And you love it because they sell pizza there. If we pull up to a store that's not Target, you have a fit. Unless it's Sam's, cuz they sell pizza there too, or Ross, which you have dubbed "la tienda de los jugetes", since you always seem to walk out with one. So spoiled. You also like the "tienda de los martillos" which is Lowe's or Home Depot, since we take you there to do Kid's workshops. So far you have made a Christmas Tree countdown, a mini hockey table and a Valentine's mailbox. Oh, you also like going to the mall, which for some reason you call “castillo de arena”.

You still love watching videos of yourself on people's phones. You will drop what you are doing to run over and see the video, the minute you hear yourself. Also, you laugh when watching videos of people falling, which means you are 100% my child.

You’re still not potty trained and nowhere near close. Flojito. You don’t mind brushing your teeth, but mostly cuz you like eating the toothpaste. You hate when we try to help you brush them.
We’re incorporating more English into your vocabulary, that’s going well. My goal is for you to be fully bilingual, hopefully that came true. 

Every step of your growth and your development, I at some point tell your dad “I just want to pause him right there” so that I could savor the moment. You are growing so quickly. But each step is more fun than the last one. I thought I wanted to pause you at age 2, but right now you’re even more fun. You’re more interactive and have a better understanding. It’s as if we’re fully communicating. Just the other day, your dad was doing pushups on the floor and you climbed on him and said “dale caballito” and your dad said “hey” in protest and you gave me a little look and smiled at me like you knew very well that your dad wasn’t trying to play horsey. 

You’re definitely mischievous, like when you ran away from us at Macy’s and we had to catch up to you outside in the mall. However, it’s still fun, you’re a blast. 

I know that it’s going to get even more fun in further stages, and there will come a point where it’s less fun (the teenage “I hate you mom and dad” step) but I still wish I could pause. 

It’s too fast. Stop growing, my little Peanut. 

Love you. 

p.s. I already have the song picked out that we are gonna dance to at your wedding. It’s Ocean by Karol G. Your momma is crazy; I apologize to your future partner in advance.


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