You Know How I Know I'm Old?

The "lamest" things excite me. 
This weekend, it was one of the lamest ones I could think of. I'm almost ashamed to admit it. 
My husband and I got a Costco membership. I bought it online and we made plans to go redeem it Saturday morning, to avoid the crowds. 
Friday night, I swear to you, I couldn't sleep from the excitement. You could've sworn I was going on vacation or something. 
It was our first time going to Costco to shop for ourselves. I have been to one before, but I was there with the company card, buying some desserts for a Christmas party, trying to avoid the crazy ass crowd, so I don't count that experience. 
This time my visit was for leisure. I had a list in hand, plans in my mind, and money in the bank, so we were ready. 
I woke up all by myself, no alarm needed and was downstairs and ready to go before my husband, which is not the norm for me. 
We headed out there and it was everything we wanted it to be. All the things we could need, under one huge warehouse roof. It was great! Got our pictures taken, membership cards in our wallet and headed out to do our shopping. 
Sunday was the Superbowl, so we picked up stuff to host a small gathering with my family, as well as a few other essentials, in jumbo size and headed to the register. The only time we second-guessed our membership was when the cashier told us our total. Ouch. But we got over it once we got home and unloaded our goodies. 
But yes, all this to say...I am officially an old lady. A trip to Costco excited me. The old me would've NEVER guessed. It's a little sad, but hey, I guess it was bound to happen at some point. 
Good-bye young, fearless me...welcome old, excited about shopping at warehouses me. 


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