At the Risk of Jinxing Myself...

I really like my job.
There, I finally said it. Whew!
For months, people have excitedly ask me how I like my new job and I reply with a "it's good" or "it's much better". For one, I'm not an overly enthusiastic person, and secondly, I just didn't want to jinx the situation for myself. It's like I'm afraid of admitting that things are good here for fear of things changing for the worst.

Honestly, yes, there's going to be some issues with certain lazy ass people who aren't used to doing work and get defensive when they get called out on it, but man, that happens everywhere, so that's not surprising. Some of the old timers have complaints about change and new policies and procedures, but that is also expected.

As far as me and what I do and my boss and my relationship with's like night and day from my last place. She is so different from my old boss. I can communicate with her, joke around and talk to her comfortably. She speaks to me as an adult, not as a peasant that is beneath her. She communicates with me about everything and seems to be happy with my work as I am basically left alone to do it.

As I familiarize myself with everything, I find myself having to go to her less and less and she's okay with that. She doesn't need to babysit me or look over my shoulder. She trusts me and the work that I'm doing and that is such a refreshing feeling. It makes you feel good as a person, to know that your work can speak for itself.

Right now, I'm sitting in my office, door closed, jamming to some good music and getting lots done. I can close my door here! At my old job, I had my own office, but the door being closed was usually an indicator that my old boss was in there talking crap about a co-worker to me, or yelling at me, or I was mad at him and that was my way of expressing it. Here, I can close my door, no explanations required. I usually just close it when I'm working with the $$, and everyone knows and respects that. I don't get people barging in. The old man used to try opening my door, and upon finding it locked, would take out his keys and try to open it. Since it was his agency, there was no such thing as personal space.

The workload is heavy...there's always lots to do, so that can get tiring, but it was also a lot at my old place, it's just that the environment is completely different. You catch more flies with honey. I have no problem staying late and getting all my work done because I am in an environment that is supportive and I feel respected here. Why wouldn't I want to do my best? I wish more people in positions of leadership understood that simple concept: the happier an employee is, the more productive they will be. Seems so simple, yet apparently, hard to understand for a lot of people. I am happy and my boss treats me with respect, therefore I will try to do my best so as to not disappoint. Make sense?


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