Not That Funny

Isn't it funny, how a date that used to mean so much to you, can immediately lose all importance with one simple action?
Or isn't it funny, how you think you know someone and when you least suspect it, they show you who they really are?
Isn't it funny that sometimes your mother's advice isn't always spot on?
Or isn't it funny how you plan stuff out and literally from one minute to the next, all those plans are ruined?

Isn't it funny that we give people the power to take all the wind out of our sails?
Also, isn't it funny when people do just enough to make you think they're sorry, but inside they're just ready for you to get over it?
Isn't it funny how someone can be so different in real life from what they portray themselves to be?
Or isn't it funny how some people just don't give a damn about others feelings?
Isn't it funny how you can be forgotten about in an instant?
Isn't it funny how you can be surrounded by people and feel completely alone and misunderstood?
Also, isn't it funny how you can act so well, that people have no idea the storm that lives inside you?

Isn't it funny how life doesn't care about how you feel, you've got to keep going?
And isn't it funny how the one person that understand you, doesn't care?
Isn't it funny how quickly you can stop giving a damn about something you used to be so passionate about?
Isn't it funny how you can smile on the outside and cry on the inside?
Or isn't it funny how you can swallow up your feelings for days, months, years or a lifetime if necessary?
Isn't it funny how you know life is too short, yet you continue to live it unhappily anyway?
No, it's not really funny.


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