Mind Dump...

So...a lot going on. Well, not really, it just seems like a lot.

T-minus 18 days until my vacation is here. That's what's really keeping me going, though the thought of packing and getting everything ready is overwhelming me already. Ugh. I have like 3 different lists already. I'm crazy, I know. Planning is my THING!

So this weekend was eventful. Let me start from the beginning...Friday. At work, it was fine, nice and quiet, my boss was busy with that proposal they've been working on and hardly spoke to me. It was great!

After work, the hubby and I went to our first joint Community Group meeting with the other couples. It was a nice time. Luckily, it was near my job, but it was super stressful for my poor husband, as he was troubleshooting something work-related remotely for like 2 hours as he tried to drive over to meet me. Poor guy. I hate his job. I remember when he first started, he got so excited because they gave him a free iPhone, and my "glass half empty" self was like "It's a trap. Don't get excited, they gave it to you so they can track you down 24/7." And sure enough...I predicted it. I wish my boss would try to give me a free phone. I'd be like "Umm...do you have the number to this? In that case, no thanks, here you go.". I changed my number like 2 years ago and he STILL doesn't have it. I don't get paid enough to be bothered by him outside of work hours.

Anyway, I digress. So yes, group. I was nervous about my husband's nervousness. He's just not social at all, he gets so shy and quiet. Luckily, everyone brought their kids, my husband loves kids. And these kids are super friendly/cute. Not even five minutes in, I had already been asked to read them a book. So he played with them a lot. By the end of the evening, he had two puppets on his hands, playing with the kids. There were also adorable babies there. I had a blast carrying them and playing with them. I have no problem playing with other people's kids, it's the thought of having my own that terrifies me. On a related note, one of the couples there chose that occasion to announce their pregnancy. So yeah, only highlighted the fact that we don't have any kids even more. Oh well. Sorry mom and dad, not going to happen quite yet. I had a good time, the hubby seemed to have a good time, so we'll see what that means in regards to future gatherings. I will continue attending the women's group meetings and I'm sure I can convince my husband to come with me to the group ones, but whether he'll attend the men's group by himself is still to be seen. I won't hold my breath for that one, and I won't pressure him either.

Saturday night, we headed to a comedy show. We went to see Paul Rodriguez, as the husband's a big fan. I'm a fan of stand-up comedy, regardless of the comic, so it worked for both of us. In the end, we got to meet him and take a picture with him. So that was fun. We were on such a high that we made the drive from Schaumburg into the city to hit up one of my favorite taco spots. And I drove. Me! The road-rage extraordinaire. But it was fun and I didn't cuss out too many people on the way there.

Then Sunday, I found out via Facebook that my cousin had her baby. She says she texted me, but it doesn't really matter, nowadays, all of life's big events are displayed on Facebook for the world to see, so it wasn't surprising that that's how I found out. She had a little boy, who I am so excited to meet! It's crazy that one of us is a mom now, hard to wrap my mind around that one. Growing up is depressing, ha ha. We spent a lot of our single years together and now three of us are married, and one of us is a mom. Time flies when you're having fun, I guess.

Things at work are chill today. My boss isn't here, and won't be in tomorrow either. The reason why is a sad one: a childhood friend of his/ex-employee passed away Friday. They were the same age. So a  part of me is hoping that this loss will hit home and he'll realize that life isn't guaranteed, maybe question his own mortality and hopefully start preparing for the future. The realist side of me scoffs at that notion, but a girl can dream, right?

My lunch break is over, so I'm off to get some work done. It is surprisingly easy to get lots accomplished while he's not here. Yes, I'm being sarcastic. Who knew that you can be more efficient when you don't have someone hovering over you, sticking their nose in your business because they have nothing to do?


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