First Post of 2018

Lookit here, I took another long absence. Surprise, surprise.
I suck, I know. I've said it multiple times, but I genuinely have very limited time to update. And home is never the place I'm able to, with the baby and all the regular day to day stuff that has to be done.

So I went back and re-read the last post I published, and it was the labor and delivery story. The next post of my journey is sadly, Post-Partum Depression and baby blues, two things that are very real and that I have experienced. Thing is, I'm not really in the mood to go back to that dark place, and thinking about how I was feeling right after, actually bums me out all over again, so I might leave that post for another day, if I share at all. It was an extremely hard moment in my life and I don't quite feel like reliving it right now.

Let's move on to current day. Peanut is now 15 months old. 15 freaking months, man! Time flies! He is growing up so fast. He's also a really big baby, looks older than his age. People don't believe me when I tell them that he's only 15 months.

He has a little attitude on him, still not sure where he got that from, ha ha. He can be a little demanding since he's spoiled as heck. I'm trying, but it's a losing battle. He's the first grand baby, first nephew, it's just hard. I gotta be the bad guy most times, but it's hard to be when I look at his cute little face.

He's walking now, started officially on May 8th, at about 14 months. He took his sweet time, and I don't blame him. Once you start walking, you'll get carried less, so enjoy while you can. Since I don't want any more children, I'm all about him not growing up too fast.

Being a working mom is...hard. Being a mom period is already hard, and adding a baby to the mix increased the difficulty two fold. You have to juggle the baby, making the right decisions as a parents, your job, your marriage and your home, finances, etc. Geez, how people have more than one I'll never understand, ha ha.

So, as I mentioned before, I only want one. The reasons for this vary but mainly, I had a difficult pregnancy, an extremely difficult labor & delivery, a devastating recovery that took a toll on me physically, mentally and emotionally, along with other factors, such as age, $$$$, etc.


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