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Total Fail...

on the pop thing referenced on my last post. I have had pop since I wrote it, but that all stops now, for real, for real. No more pop for short-term goal is to make it through the rest of May and we'll see how it goes. But realistically, my actual goal is to eliminate pop completely. We'll see and yes I'm rolling my eyes as I type that. Maybe on special occasions like holidays or birthdays. Anyway, today's song of the day comes to us courtesy of Espinosa Paz. Yes, I'm apparently still on my Spanish music phase, which is fine by me. This song is currently on repeat. I posted the lyric video and not the actual video, since I'm actually  not a big fan of this guy, but I just happened to like this one song. So...the month of May is a little rough for me, as it's chock full of events. Mother's Day, then my mom's birthday AND my parent's wedding anniversary. Talk about being broke. But I am glad to report that this year's festivities were a

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, belated birthday, anyway. Today's song of the day is the following: I've been listening to this non stop all morning. And even though the song is called "Llora", I'm in a pretty good mood. The reason I'm listening to this is because I am working on Big Momma's Mother's Day present. She used to own this tape and would listen to it non-stop every Saturday morning as she was cleaning. This is the soundtrack of her nagging at me to put the book down and help her clean. Ahh, memories. I love Spanish music, so not only do I remember it because she used to listen to it, but because I truly enjoyed it. So last year sometime, she asked me if I could find the CD for her. Unfortunately, it seems to be out of circulation. There's one on amazon for $600. After I finished cracking up at the ridiculousness of that price, I decided to make it for her myself. As I was working on gathering the songs, I came across this one and remembered it as one of my favori