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Company Picnic

Saturday I attended my husband's company picnic. He had been dreading it for weeks, and I could relate because I loathe our company picnic. But our reasons for disliking them were vastly different. He's not a very social person, and wasn't really up for seeing co-workers on a weekend. I could understand that. But my reason for hating my company picnics are different. Let me describe you my normal company picnic. For one, it's always held on a weekday, 9am - 5pm. It's mandatory. Any work events, attendance is mandatory. Because nothing facilitates a good time amongst employees more than forcing them to be there, am I right? Also, it's employees only for the most part. Between 9am and noon, we discuss the history of the agency, or talk about how great the boss is for creating it, lame, boring, snooze-worthy stuff. The last one we had involved a trivia game which upped the entertainment factor slightly, but he hated it. The trivia game was followed by a seemingly n

NPD Chronicles: Coping Mechanisms

I think I've made it clear by now the difficulty I have working with my boss. There is just no way we could ever get along. I have to bite my tongue and put effort to keep a straight face, lest my disdain for him shine through. I do this on a daily basis. It's not always easy. My boss is insane. He just doesn't think with a sound mind anymore. It's a combination of age, stress, and just plain trying to do too much. Of course, he's unaware of this, in his mind, he's still the smartest, sharpest, most creative person here. He founded this agency, and he can't process the thought of him needing help. He doesn't realize that in the end, he's causing more harm than good. He will end up destroying this agency, and due to his NPD, that may be what he subconsciously wants. The thought of someone else running his "baby" is probably too much to bear. Just because he's crazy, doesn't mean I will allow him to make me as crazy as him. I am a lit

NPD Chronicles: Fighting Everywhere!

I feel like a young child whose parents are about to get divorced. Things between my co-worker M, and my boss have gone from bad to worse. And what pisses me off about the whole thing is that she's so over the top, she's making me see things from his point of view and that is a big no-no in my book. I HATE when anyone makes me agree with him. It doesn't make me feel good about myself to side with a psycho. I have been at my current place of employment for almost 5 years. In those 5 years, I have learned things about my boss that haven't necessarily made it easier to work here, that is still definitely my personal hell, but it has helped me accept that things will never  change.He is the way he is, it's a mental illness. He is not capable of understanding things or seeing things from different viewpoints. Talking and venting to him is like speaking to a brick wall. I just go by my motto of no longer caring more than he does and that has helped me tolerate this place.

NPD Chronicles: Fighting for Fair Pay

Before I left on vacation, I put in a request to my boss for a raise. Back in January, S, who was the Assistant to the  Director, left, and he decided to not hire a replacement for her and instead stick the rest of us with her work. Well, he has met some resistance, but he has managed to give us all more to do. Due to that, and also just being sick of dealing with him, I felt justified in asking for more money. Not because more money would make me stay, but because I figured I could earn a little more while I look for a new job. I'm a realist when it comes to this old man. There is no such thing as pessimism when it comes to him, he will always  let you down. You should always  expect the worst from him, and since that is what he will give you, you can at least console yourself by the fact that you were right. Knowing this, I proceeded to send him a request for an increase via e-mail. Since he is also senile and forgetful, having things in writing is a much better option when deali