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Missing 2020

Hi Peanut! Never did I think I would write those words, but sometimes, I miss 2020. Specifically at this moment.  2021 had all the promise of being way better than last year. The vaccine was rolled out, though it was hard to find at first, we all eventually got it. Things were looking up, despite the loud anti-vaxxers protesting.  I got my vaccine in April. I remember getting emotional right before I walked in to get it. I felt like that part of my stress was over. I spoke too soon. The Delta variant came by and messed everything up again. Masks were once again required, after loosening restrictions, but this time, people weren't so quick to comply. They were fed up. I understand, I'm tired too, but I also have the common sense to want to take care of myself and those I love.  I think this year, the pandemic was harder because it's been a year and a half. We are so, so tired. Burned out. Even though I wear one everywhere, I'm also sick of wearing a mask, it's hard t