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Before embracing 2019...

So I didn't blog at all in 2018. I suck. It was a crazy, busy year. Very stressful, so I do have a plethora of excuses, but I am still disappointed in myself. I mean, on a good day, I can usually wrote up a post in like half an hour, so it's hard to think that I couldn't spare even that all last year. Anyway, enough beating myself up about it. For documentation sake, I am going to share some of the things that happened in 2018: 1/7/18 - Peanut had his first Happy Meal. I know he shouldn't, but at his age, you give them what they will eat and the boy loves his french fries, what can I say, he took after mom with that one. 2/17/18 - Went to a waterpark resort/road trip with the family. Peanut loves the water.We also hit up a Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum which was so strange. *FYI, due to my crappy memory, I'm using my phone pictures to trigger my memory 3/10/18 - Peanut was baptized. We had a nice little lunch afterwards at a pizza place. The decor


I'm gonna keep this short, I'm gonna keep this sweet. Happy 2019! I'm back, bishes! Who missed me? Nadie? Cool. Hopefully we can change that. My goal for 2019 is to get back in the blogging game, so wish me luck! ~I

First Post of 2018

Lookit here, I took another long absence. Surprise, surprise. I suck, I know. I've said it multiple times, but I genuinely have very limited time to update. And home is never the place I'm able to, with the baby and all the regular day to day stuff that has to be done. So I went back and re-read the last post I published, and it was the labor and delivery story. The next post of my journey is sadly, Post-Partum Depression and baby blues, two things that are very real and that I have experienced. Thing is, I'm not really in the mood to go back to that dark place, and thinking about how I was feeling right after, actually bums me out all over again, so I might leave that post for another day, if I share at all. It was an extremely hard moment in my life and I don't quite feel like reliving it right now. Let's move on to current day. Peanut is now 15 months old. 15 freaking months, man! Time flies! He is growing up so fast. He's also a really big baby, looks o