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NPD Chronicles: I'm Freeeeeeeee

August 29, 2014. This day will go down in history. Today is my last day in this place. It really hasn't sunk in yet. The whole process was awesome though, I shall write another blog post about that soon. But today, I am basking in the glory. Or trying to anyway. This week has been rough. Even as I'm leaving, he's managing to affect me. Bastard. But it's okay. My time here is down to minutes. After 5 years. I can hardly believe it. I'm on to new adventures, hopefully a much happier work environment, where I am respected and treated so differently from here. I will miss the people...well, some more than others. Who am I kidding? Some not at all. It has definitely been an adventure, an up and down roller coaster. While professionally, I have had some of the worst moments, personally, I've been through a lot of awesome things here. Getting engaged, planning my wedding and getting married, becoming a homeowner, and meeting some awesome girls. Such is life, you have t

I'm Old...

My sister's birthday was earlier this month and she decided she wanted to go celebrate it at a club, much to my excitement. Not. One thing that's worth mentioning: I HATE clubbing. Didn't do it when I was 21, much less a decade later. It's just never been my thing. I'm an anti-social homebody. Reading, playing on my ipad and Netflix are some of my favorite activities. So the idea of dressing up and going into a crowded club was just not appealing to me at all. But it's my sister's birthday, so I felt obligated to make an appearance. Adding to my stress was the fact that my husband and I were planning a surprise birthday party for her on Saturday and I had plenty of things to do in terms of prep, so going out Friday night was going to cut into my preparation time. But fine, I'm the big sister, it's her birthday, I can make a sacrifice and go to her gathering. When I asked her what time she wanted me at her house (since my husband was weaseling out, un