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April Showers Bring...

...My Birthday! That's right, it's my birthday month! And one of my (many) flaws it that I am one of those birthday whores. I am BIG on birthdays. But not just mine, I enjoy celebrating my loved one's bdays to the extreme, so is it wrong that I expect the same in return? I try not to be obnoxious about it, but I'm not always successful.  Luckily, my husband plays along and enjoys making a big deal out of my birthday (or at least he acts like it). He actually kicked things off yesterday and surprised me with tickets to go see Matilda the musical, which is actually one of my favorite childhood books. We left work early and headed downtown to eat at one of my favorite places from when I used to work around the area. Then we did a little shopping (I have a baby shower and a wedding this weekend) and headed to the show after. It was a really nice evening and definitely out of the norm for us since it was a Thursday. We're an old couple, preferring to stay in during the w