April Showers Bring...

...My Birthday!
That's right, it's my birthday month! And one of my (many) flaws it that I am one of those birthday whores. I am BIG on birthdays. But not just mine, I enjoy celebrating my loved one's bdays to the extreme, so is it wrong that I expect the same in return? I try not to be obnoxious about it, but I'm not always successful. 

Luckily, my husband plays along and enjoys making a big deal out of my birthday (or at least he acts like it). He actually kicked things off yesterday and surprised me with tickets to go see Matilda the musical, which is actually one of my favorite childhood books. We left work early and headed downtown to eat at one of my favorite places from when I used to work around the area. Then we did a little shopping (I have a baby shower and a wedding this weekend) and headed to the show after. It was a really nice evening and definitely out of the norm for us since it was a Thursday. We're an old couple, preferring to stay in during the week and going to bed early. We're lame, I'm aware. Oh well, it's what works for us. 

So like I mentioned earlier, I have a baby shower and a wedding this weekend. I'm really excited about the wedding, since I've been in the mood to go dancing for a while now. Like really paisa music, which is my forte. Unfortunately, I've outgrown my paisa dance club phase, so my only opportunity to get down to some good music is at family parties and Saturday we have one. My cousin is getting married, and I haven't seen her in forever, but hey, she invited me and since her and her family were petty and didn't go to my wedding, I'm going to lead by example and show them how the family thing is really done. Gotta love the family, ha ha. We're crazy. I believe that side of my family has a bunch of different mental illnesses, but hey, we can function in society, so whatevs. And yes, I said we, as I sure include myself, I'm aware I have issues. 

The baby shower I'm going to on Sunday is co-ed and since I'm the best wife ever, I'm not making my husband come with. What's up with co-ed baby showers? Am I the only one that thinks this shouldn't be a thing? I've already told my husband that if I ever do get pregnant, I don't want a co-ed baby shower. He can do the traditional appearance when it comes to gift opening time and that's it. Who needs a bunch of men at a baby shower? Not I. I'm heading there with my sister and Big Momma, as it should be. The men can stay at home and bond. 

I leave you with this awesomeness that I am listening to right now. He was definitely gone too soon. 


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