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Stress, stress, stress, stress....

If you can't tell by the title...I'm stressed. Work is busy and there is plenty to do. I don't mind the work, there's just lots of it. And my boss is definitely not the one stressing me out, far from it. If I vent to her about something or complain about something, she is quick to give me suggestions on how to fix it. Case in point: a certain department has been submitting things to me late, which affects payroll. I mention it to her, and she immediately contacts the Program Manager for that dept. and asks that we be put on the agenda for their next department meeting, so we can discuss my issues. That's definitely new. At my old job, there were times when I would express my concern to my boss about something and he would find a way to blame me. So my stress doesn't stem from that, or even by the last minute stuff I get from that one department. My stress is self-caused, which is harder to deal with. I want so badly to do well here. I want to do a good job