Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, belated birthday, anyway. Today's song of the day is the following:

I've been listening to this non stop all morning. And even though the song is called "Llora", I'm in a pretty good mood. The reason I'm listening to this is because I am working on Big Momma's Mother's Day present. She used to own this tape and would listen to it non-stop every Saturday morning as she was cleaning. This is the soundtrack of her nagging at me to put the book down and help her clean. Ahh, memories. I love Spanish music, so not only do I remember it because she used to listen to it, but because I truly enjoyed it. So last year sometime, she asked me if I could find the CD for her. Unfortunately, it seems to be out of circulation. There's one on amazon for $600. After I finished cracking up at the ridiculousness of that price, I decided to make it for her myself. As I was working on gathering the songs, I came across this one and remembered it as one of my favorites, so it's been on repeat.

Anyway, let's talk birthday. Mine was just this past Thursday. I had a great time. I woke up to breakfast in bed and when my husband left for work and I finally got up to get ready, I came across a fully decorated living room, complete with balloons and streamers. It was cute. At work, my co-workers had decked out my office with balloons, streamers and confetti all over the place. I got a couple of gift cards to Chipotle & Strabucks (do they know me or what?!) and some chocolate desserts (again, they know me so well). Later that evening, my husband and I went to this fondue restaurant we've never been to and had a nice dinner.

The following day, I was off work, in preparation for a 5k we were going to be doing later that evening. My brother and sister came by early and we had a nice lunch together. Then we headed out to the run.  It was one of those night time, neon, throwing paint on you 5ks, nothing serious. To me it was a big deal though since I've been out of shape for a long time now, so I was wondering if I would be able to complete it. Amazingly I did, and I didn't die trying. There was about 11 of us, and it was a pretty fun group, I had a good time. We had a late dinner after that and headed home.

On Saturday, I was miraculously able to get out of bed on my own, I wasn't super sore. We headed over to my parent's for dinner at this amazing hibachi place. It was sooo good. After, we went back to my parent's and did the whole cake and presents thing, as well as played loteria until the early hours of the morning. It was a really nice time. Every year I wonder if I should plan a big birthday gathering, but really, I'm fine spending my time with just them.

Present wise, I did real good this year. I received stuff that I liked, but would've never bought for myself. Those are the best presents, I think. Stuff you admire at the store, but don't buy because of price or because you know you don't "need" it. So I was really happy with all of my gifts.

Right now I'm at work, busy as ever, just continuously plugging away at the stack of stuff I have to do. Summer hours will be here soon and I'll get to relax at  home on Fridays. It's great, but on the other hand, just gives you 4 work days to do 5 days worth of work, so there's a downside to it. Still, I get to sleep in on Fridays and that's going to be a good time.

Today's a bittersweet day because despite me being in a good mood, I'll be attending a wake this evening for my old co-worker's father, who passed away yesterday. She's the only person that still "technically" works at my old work place that I still keep in touch with. I say "technically" because she's on sabbatical for school, so who knows if she'll return at the end of that, though I'm sure my psycho ex-boss had her sign her life away to guarantee that she does. I still keep in touch with my former Admin team ladies, but they all left before I did, so they no longer have a connection to that place. Oh, and my current boss got me a gift card to Barnes & Noble for my birthday, how sweet is that? It had been a really long time since I received a birthday present from a boss.

Anyway, enough about that crazy. Today we will be meeting with an auditor who is here to discuss people's positions, work loads, etc, to determine if we need to add/cut positions. I feel that this is a ploy to get rid of some of the older, stagnant workers we  have here. And if that is the case, I am completely on board. Isn't that horrible? But it's true, there's a lady here that loves complaining, yet she's been here for 35 years. 35 years?! I couldn't imagine being at my old place that long. But some people know their limitations, so they'll stay at a place forever, and just bitch until they're blue in the face. Whatever works for them, I guess.

So that's all from me today, this post is long enough as it is. Oh, and I'm giving up pop for May, I'll keep you posted on how that goes. Wish me luck!


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