Eres Tu...

No reason for this title, other than that's the song I'm currently listening to:

Eres Tu - Carla Morrison

Ando medio romanticona y melancolica pues, ja ja ja. Sera porque estoy extra├▒ando a mis padres, que se fueron de vacaciones sin mi. Oh well...can't go to all the trips, I guess. 

Speaking of trips, I'm heading to Denver next month for my birthday. Ha, yeah right, more like for work, but I'll take it. It's conference time and I've been given the opportunity to go again this year, only this time it's not somewhere as exciting as New Orleans, but hey, I'm not complaining. Especially since this time, I'm taking my husband with me. My boss was the one that gave me the idea, she said plenty of people take someone with them and just hang out with them after their daytime sessions. Sounds good to me. So we're both headed to Denver and I guess it's technically for work but we can definitely kick off my birthday festivities in the evening. I'm excited. Not about the packing though...and the airplane, but everything else will be good. 

Ohh, another good song just came on (I love spotify!): 

Bajo el Agua - Manuel Medrano

So speaking of work...things have been crazy. I was assigned to head this committee whose purpose is to look at current processes and find room for improvement. It's been a lot of work. We are currently working on a survey to send to our colleagues so we can get a better idea of what specific processes they feel need improvement immediately. Our goal is to have the survey done by next Friday, as it's our departmental retreat. So that's going to be a race to the finish line, since we don't even have the questions yet. Handling all these different personalities has definitely been interesting. Not fun, but interesting. There's one specific personality that's begging to get punched in the face, but luckily, thanks to my old boss, I have plenty of practice in self-restraint. 

Next week is our staff day, in which we get together and take fun professional development classes. I'm looking forward to that, it's kind of like a day off since I don't have to do work. I'm taking a paint class, an email etiquette class, and an exercise class for people who sit at desks all day. Should be a good time. Fun times. 

Last Friday I got together with my old co-workers from my previous jobs. They're the only good thing that came out of working in that hell hole. As always when we get together, we reminisce about the darkness we survived together. We also remember some of our favorite anecdotes. One thing about my old job, entertainment was always provided. My old supervisor said she was glad to have worked there because it definitely helped her prepare to deal with anything and everything her career could throw at her. She said if she had to do it all over again, she would. Then they all looked at me, laughing, since they knew that I wouldn't agree. I've made my hatred for him and that job crystal clear, I guess. Whoops!

Anyway, enough negativity. I get along much better with my current boss and that's all that matters. She's even sitting there, encouraging me to get pregnant, much to my husband's pleasure. She's like "don't worry about work, we'll always be here". Working for a woman is awesome. But we'll see about the baby part. I got to see my cousin's 3 month old baby Saturday and he was freaking adorable. But they're not all that cute, I'm well aware. If it's meant to be, it will be. 


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