Happy 2016!

Well that last sentence on my previous post was a complete lie.
I totally failed on posting more often.

There's a number of reasons...but the main one is that I haven't really felt like writing, not just on this blog, but at home. My writing has definitely decreased, I've been immersing myself in reading and that has taken up most of my spare time.

But here I am, welcoming the new year with open arms. Back from my vacation to Mexico (more on that later, that hot mess requires its own post!) and back at work, reluctant to get 100% back into the swing of things. It's partially because I am sick as a dog and have been for the past week, and partially because after being away from work for so long, it's hard to just pick up where you left off. But yet here I am, getting what I can done.

We arrived back from Mexico Thursday, on New Year's Eve, around 2:30-3pm. My sister picked us up from the airport, and we arrived and did most of our unpacking, then we showered, got ready and headed to my uncle's house to ring in the new year. No time for naps, which I would regret later.

At my uncle's we had a simple, yet delicious meal and sat around and reminisced on old family videos, as well as played games. I had a great time, I missed hanging out with my awesome family and being away from them for two weeks made me need to be around them even more.
We got home around 4am, with my mom and sister in tow, so they could spend the night. I was already sick, so the next day, they left shortly after waking up and I processed to rest at home all day. Saturday was my dad's bday, so we made the trek out to my parent's, but it turns out he's sick too, so he didn't feel like going out. We ordered food and stayed in and played board games, which worked for me.

Sunday I didn't leave my house and tried to get as much rest as I could before my work day. If I wouldn't have been sick, I wouldn't have been dreading going back to work as many of my friends and relatives were. But because I felt like crap, I wasn't looking forward to it.

Monday back to work it was. I've been here, doing what I could, trying to get used to waking up early again, which wasn't so hard, since I didn't sleep in much while at Mexico, but still, it took some getting used to, partially because it's freezing here, and over there I was enjoying 90 degree weather.

My husband and I are trying to go meat free for two weeks, that is our current goal, with each of us thinking the other can't survive. So far so good. We made a zucchini alfredo pasta that was delicious. Tonight we have salad. But we are only on week 1, I sense things will get more difficult next week.

I have plans/goals for 2016. I don't like to call them resolutions, but I guess you can say they are.
New years scare me, the unknown gives me anxiety, but what choice do I have but go along for the ride and hope for the best. So here's to (what I hope) is an awesome year!


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