Writer's Block!!!!

The title says it all.
I have a massive case of writer's block. It's been a few times a week that I've logged on, willing myself to write something and I either end up with nothing, or nothing I'd be willing to share because it makes sense to no one but me.

Work is still going good, so far. There's a couple of special people here and there, but I've had plenty of experience at my old job in handling them, so it's nothing that worries me. I'm learning how to work on my patience with annoying people.

I am excited about a conference I'll be headed to in April. My boss sends me a link and asks me if I'd like to go. I immediately say yes, as I'd like to learn as much as I could to succeed in my position.
It's only after I reply that I click on the link and realize it's out of town. I'm going to New Orleans! Woo hoo! I've never been and I'm really excited to be going and even more excited about not paying for it, ha ha. It's a work conference, but even as I registered for the workshops, I was getting excited as alot of them seem to be interesting and helpful to my day to day duties. My boss is attending also, and a friend of hers who works with us that I like. So I'm hoping for some good times. When it was announced in a meeting that I was going, my other co-workers gave me recommendations on when to eat. I'm very much looking forward to that trip. Well I'm looking forward to getting there, not crazy about the flying part, but oh well. Hopefully it's a short, safe flight.

Next week is Staff Day, where we spend all day taking workshops at work for professional development. I'm excited about that. I signed up for a meditation work shop, a self-defense class, and a painting class. The painting class is the one I'm most excited about. I already know I suck, but at least it's something I get to scratch off my bucket list.

I met with my ex-Admin ladies last night, the wonderful ladies I had the pleasure of meeting during my 5 years at the hell hole I used to work at. It's nice to reminisce on what we went through and to realize how much better it is now, not just for me, but for all of us. They are one of the few things I do appreciate about being at that job, I met some awesome people there. I also met some not so awesome people, but oh well, let's focus on the positive.

I am thankful and blessed at the moment, and I should always remember days like these when I'm feeling down and sorry for myself.


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