Happy 2015!

Well, I'm back from break and it was short, ha ha.
I'm torn about this winter break we get at work. On the one hand, of course, no work during the holidays is awesome, on the other hand, it makes it so, so hard to come back. I had a rough time going to sleep last night, just thinking about getting up early. But here I am, sleepy as ever.

What did I do for Christmas, you ask? Why, I got sick. Yay! That's right, the person who wasn't even really looking forward to the Holidays ended up getting sick as a dog. My Murder-Mystery Scavenger Hunt at the museum was a blast, but I think getting exposed to that cold downtown air and my already sickly cousin did me in. By Monday, I was all sniffly with a tickle in my throat and it only got worse from there.

I woke up Christmas Eve feeling like death. I felt and sounded awful. Bless my husband's heart, even though I can't stand him sometimes, I give credit where credit is due and he did everything in his power to help make me feel better. I agreed to make dessert for both my inlaws and my parents and he helped with that and pumped me full of drugs to try to get me on my feet. I managed to make it to my inlaws and partake, even going as far as helping with the food (which kind of grossed me out a bit, since I was germy, but my MIL insisted, so I went for it). I was fine through dinner, but afterwards, when they started with the same ol' family stories I've heard billions of times, I couldn't play it off any longer and just had to go sit on the couch and lay my head down for a bit. It was obvious I wasn't feeling well, so everyone understood, but I still felt bad. My suegra provided me lots of warm ponche to sip on, so that helped.

After that visit, we headed to my parent's house, where I had a plethora of games prepared. Well, non-sick me did. I just wasn't feeling it. We gave it a try, but it definitely wasn't the same. My sister expressed her disappointment, cuz you know, I got sick on purpose. Anyway, I did manage to make it until midnight, and exchanged presents with the family. Shortly after I knocked out, but not for long, as my cough kept me up most of the night. I woke up Christmas Day feeling even worse. We spend the morning and early afternoon with my family and the original plan was to head back to my inlaws on our way home to finish the gift exchange with them, but I had to ask my husband for a change of plans. I just wanted to get home. I needed to rest up because our flight left the evening of the 26th, and I wanted to sleep as much as I could before I traveled. Traveling sucks when you're feeling good, much more when you're sick, and have a +6 hour layover in Miami. We got home and I just continued to drug myself and try to get some rest. Early on the 26th, my husband went to the pharmacy to get me this cough syrup that I swear by and I kept chugging that in hopes that it would calm my cough down before our flight left.

So we head off on vacation, me feeling miserable and sorry for myself. Who wants to go on vacation when they're sick? I was popping cough drops in my mouth as if they were candy. I survived the flight to Miami, then crashed on the airport floor until it was time for our next flight. Thanks to my trusty cough drops and endless supply of tissues, I also survived that flight and landed in warm and beautiful Puerto Rico. We arrived early and left our luggage at the hotel and asked them to call us when our room was ready. Luckily for us, it was ready 2.5 hours earlier than scheduled. I very much needed that. The minute we got in, I knocked out for like 4 hours. Traveling while sick is exhausting. In those 4 hours, my husband walked around and got familiarized with the area. So when I finally woke up, showered and changed, he was giving me a mini-tour.
I will upload pictures in another post, but Puerto Rico was beautiful. We did not want to leave. I miss it so much, especially today, with this snow and below zero weather. Ugh. I hate winter. And I hate snow. Winter's just getting started though and it's going to get much worse in the next few days. I hope they close my job, ha ha. Yup, already looking for some more time off. What a lazy ass I am.

So we come back the 31st, the plan was to celebrate New Year's Eve with my family. Well, thanks to my quick-thinking FIL, that was not to be. See our furnace decided to go out that morning. Yup, in the morning. We didn't arrive until 7:30pm. To me, that seems like PLENTY of time to have the furnace looked at. But my FIL's plan of action was to not do anything, apparently. He texted my husband while we were already on the plane and so of course he didn't get it until we landed. You would think that he would've done something in the over 10 hours he had between the time he realized the furnace was out and we arrived. He called some handyman he knows, who I find to be extremely unreliable, but he's cheap. I'm sorry, I don't care about cheap when my house is 40 degrees. Not only is it cold and we can't sleep there, but the pipes could burst and more damage could occur. I have no idea what the man is thinking, all I know is that his inaction caused us to miss out on NYE with the family. We arrived and my husband had to call this guy who took over an hour and a half to get to the house because of other jobs and traffic, but once he got there, took 20 minutes to fix the furnace. It blows my mind why this wasn't already done by the time we got there, but I guess that's my fault for trusting my house to the wrong person, apparently. I was so upset. I've never spent a NYE away from my family and we purposely scheduled our vacation to be back that day for that reason. Had I known it wasn't going to happen like that, I would've rang in the new year in Puerto Rico. Ugh. Just thinking about it gets me upset all over again. My FIL told us to come and spend the night at their house. Uh...not gonna happen, I'd rather freeze my ass off. Luckily, I didn't have to. After a couple of hours, the house was at a tolerable temperature, but at that point, it was too late to head to my parent's, since they live about an hour away. So we just went to bed. The only upside to the whole situation is that someone in our  neighborhood had a fireworks show at midnight.We've never spent a NYE at home, so we didn't know about it, but I love fireworks, so I enjoyed that.

The next day, the first day of the new year, we headed out to his parent's (where I played nice, despite my feelings from the night before). We had lunch with the family, gave them the goodies we brought back from PR and then headed to my parent's house. Because my dad's birthday is the 2nd, we ended up spending the night there, so we could celebrate him the next day. My uncle and his family came over and we hung out with them and then the next morning, took my dad out for birthday breakfast, then ice cream at his favorite place. Then we went back home and hung out until it was time for my mom to go to work. We dropped her off on our way back and then I proceeded to veg out for the next 2 days in preparation for returning to work. I'm still not 100%, still have this horrible hacking cough and the runny nose, so I was trying to get my rest in. Besides, Friends is now on Netflix!! Love that show! I did leave the house Sunday to go grocery shopping, but that was the extent of my venturing outside the house.

So that was my Holiday break. I'm glad I didn't let being sick ruin my good time in PR, trust me, it took a lot of effort to leave the hotel room. If it weren't for my husband being excited about sightseeing, I would've been content just lounging in the hotel pool all day/every day. But we got out plenty, saw lots of stuff, ate lots of delicious food and had a blast. Now I'm looking forward to next Holiday  break and hopefully going on another vacation. His parents have talked about going on one together and umm....I'm just going to reserve my thoughts on that one for another blog. I will post pictures of PR in the next one.

Happy 2015!

p.s. I don't do resolutions. Why set myself up for failure? If I want to do something, I'll do it, it doesn't need to be Jan. 1st to start working on a goal. 2014 was very, very difficult in some aspects and my only hope for 2015 is to not have to go through some of that stuff ever again. It also had its highlights; my family's general health, no more surgeries for me, new job, boss who respects me, etc. I just hope for a better year and whenever I feel like changing/bettering something about myself, I will begin, regardless of the date.


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