Hard Workout?

Just had a quick, funny story to share today.
By the way, T-minus 17 days until I'm outta here!!!

Anyhoo...I've been trying to make working out part of my daily routine. Since I have bad knees, I kind of use that to gauge the intensity of my workouts. Yesterday was a bad day, knee wise, so I decided to stick to my low impact routine of doing 30-35 minutes on the treadmill, at a speed of 2.5. It's what causes me the least discomfort when my knees are bothering me.

So I get home, already not feeling like working out, but that also seems to be part of my routine: saying I won't do it and talking myself into doing it anyway. As I pull into the garage, I find my husband there doing his own workout (he prefers the garage because the heat makes him sweat more, weirdo). I hate sweating, so, so much, which I know, makes no sense when you're trying to lose weight, but I am how I am. So I work out in the basement. It's cooler down there than in the basement. So seeing my husband drenched in sweat made me want to work out even LESS. I know, I'm so backwards, ha ha.

I drag myself upstairs, take my street clothes off, and just lay in bed, debating on whether I should just skip the workout or not. In the end, what motivated me was that I remembered I had created a workout mix on Spotify, and I wanted to listen to it. So fine, I change, and head downstairs to begin my workout.

As I mentioned earlier, this was my version of a "low-impact" workout, but I quickly noticed that my knees were just not in the mood to workout that day. I felt as if I was walking through quicksand or something, just really slow and sluggish, despite my attempts to get into the workout and get myself hyped up. Even the good songs, where I usually give it my hardest, weren't working for me. I mean, I rarely look forward to a workout, but once I start one, I can get into it. But not yesterday. I just had such a hard time getting through it. Not only that, but I was drenched in sweat. Now, of course I sweat when I workout, but this was a lot, for me, especially since this was the easy version of my daily workout. My shirt was soaked, sweat was going into my eyes, stinging them, and I of course, wasn't wearing a headband. The only one down there was my husband's and even thought it was fresh out the wash, it still grosses me out, ha.

Around minute 34, I threw in the towel, I was done. I get off the treadmill, on wobbly legs. I felt like a newborn baby deer. I had to take a seat and compose myself before I even attempted to climb up the basement stairs. I finally manage to make it upstairs and mention to my husband what a rough workout I had, despite me trying to keep it light. He stops and looks at me, and asks: "Do you mess with the settings of the treadmill when you get on it?". I reply that I don't, I just get on and go, because any delay in starting may be enough time for me to just change my mind. He then starts laughing and I'm standing there, waiting for the punchline. "Babe, I worked out on the treadmill today before I went to the garage. I had the incline set real high, that's probably why it was harder for you." I stood there, watching him laugh, before it clicked. Then we both went back downstairs to see the treadmill inclined really high. How did I not notice that? We were both cracking up. I was dreading my workout so much, that as I climbed on the treadmill, I didn't even notice it was so inclined. When I'm trying to do my light workout, I leave the incline at 0, so that explained my surprise at my fatigue and sluggishness. So yeah, my light workout ended up being much more than that. But now at least I know I can handle a bit more, even when my knees are acting up. And yes, I'll probably be more careful about the settings before I start my workouts in the future.


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