Fighting Negativity

I woke up this morning, determined to not let anything phase me this week. My vacation starts Friday after work and I am more than ready to get away. But I have to get through another week at work, and that won't be easy. Last week sucked, just plain sucked. Stress, stupidity, my psychotic boss, it just all piled on and I was having a rough time of it. I'm not letting that happen this week, at least, that's the goal. So I'm trying to remain positive. It's not going to be easy.

Already today, I woke up late, but, since school's out, there was no traffic and I made it to work right on time, so that wasn't even bad.
I got news that the car we're going on our road trip on had to be taken to the mechanic. Oops! Hope that gets fixed by Friday. I really, really, really hope it does.

I'm receiving more stupid and border-line threatening questions at work from co-workers. What do you mean I don't have any vacation time when I took 17 days off during winter break? Get real, people. There's also this disgruntled ex-employee who's just angry all the damn time. That's part of the reason he's an ex-employee. So he's upset over some stuff and already yelled at me over the phone. I mean, I no longer get paid to be nice to the guy, but I seriously think something is mentally wrong with him, so I'm trying to be nice. Then last Friday he sent me an email, demanding answers, I answer as politely as I can, and he responds all angry, of course, talking about making his problems other people's problems if he's not treated well or some crap. Psycho. The best part was that he included one of those stupid email disclosure notices at the bottom of the email, warning me not to share our communication with anyone. He hadn't included that in any other email, just the one where he's acting like an asshole. Whatever dude, those aren't legally enforceable so you and your stupid disclaimer can kiss my butt. If he sends me another one of those, I'm sending it to my boss and washing my hands of it. Though, my boss is a certified punk, so not sure how far that'll get me.

I've got tons to do this week and zero desire to do it. Part of that is because this place just isn't inspiring anymore. It doesn't feel good to be here, nor do I wake up excited to begin my day. That only happens on the day my boss isn't here. He doesn't get it. Happy employees are more productive. For a man who things he's so smart, you'd think he'd know that. Take today, for example. One of my co-workers, J, put in a request last month, to take a week off in July. After dragging it out this whole time, and having to remind him a few times, he finally takes a look at it. This consists of going into my office and asking me for her entire record of days off, as if we had that just readily available. I directed him to our binder, where we keep our paper time sheets and told him to go nuts. So then he starts asking a bunch of questions and I make it clear to him that she has more than enough time to cover this request. What does he do? Deny her. Why? His reasoning is that things are going to be busy then and we need her here. Bull. She has no deadlines, nothing due around that time, she made sure of it before putting in her request. He's just being a douche. Now she's sitting at her desk, upset and in tears, because I'm sure part of her had already pictured herself on that trip she was supposed to go on. She won't fight him on it, so she'll be here, miserable. And the rest of us? Feeling bad for her. Who needs good morale to get work done? My boss is so backwards, I swear.

Despite all of this, I'm fighting it...I'm really trying not to let it get to me. I'm almost out, for two weeks, hopefully. I can just close my eyes and picture getting the heck out of here. When I return, I will diligently begin looking for a new job, I just can't do it anymore. I say this all the time, but really, how many times will it take before I have a stroke or something from all the anger, stress and frustration I experience almost on a daily basis? I try to imagine how last week would've gone for me, if I didn't have this vacation to look forward to, and I just thank goodness I did, because it would've been a lot worse for me. Be grateful for the little things, I guess.

Wait for me, beautiful infinity pool....momma's coming!


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