Musica Maestro...

It's surprising how music can help improve your mood.

Not that I was in a bad mood, today was a good day. My boss stayed away from me all day, my only interactions with him were in passing in the hallway, as he distractedly greeted me with a "hello". Works for me. He's busy stressing out about a proposal that's due this weekend, that he didn't plan ahead for. Or he did, but he forgot. You'd think that would be concerning to him, but of course not. It's not because he's old and forgets a lot now, not at all. How would anyone even dare suggest that?

Anyway, work was good, didn't encounter too many idiots on my drive home, and I got into my workout so much that I extended it an additional 10 minutes. (Okay, that last one was by accident, but still, it felt good.)
So no, I wasn't in a bad mood per say, just in a chill, relaxed mood. So I'm sitting here, playing around on Spotify, and come across this old CD by Los Askis that my dad used to listen to a lot when I was younger. My dad always showers with music on, he's who I picked up that habit from.He would shower as he listened to music, and come out of the bathroom dancing and usually he would grab one of us to dance with him. Sometimes he'd even let us stand on his feet so that he could move us around. I'm sure he's who we got our moves from. Not that Big Momma can't dance, but my dad's the one that likes the music with more rhythm, the cumbias and such. So definitely got my joy of that genre from him.

So yeah, this CD reminds me of those days, living in my godmother's basement in this tiny apartment, money being tight, but us being happy nonetheless. Dancing around outside the bathroom while my mom just sighed and shook her head, amused at us being crazy with our dad.

We're all music lovers, all of my siblings. The genres may be different, but there's overlap. There's always been music in our household, and we're continuing those traditions. Impromptu singing occurs on car rides all the time with us. We even do karaoke on Holidays. I'm so looking forward to our trip, as I'm sure there will be a lot of singing on that ride.

It has taken me forever to write this post. I'm sitting in the office and whenever a good song I remember from Los Askis comes on, I get up and dance. My husband is amused: "Look at you, getting another workout in."
I originally started this post to write a work story, but I found that that dampens my mood, so I'll leave that for another day. For now, I shall continue to dance like a crazy lady, and try to get my husband to join me.


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