Confession Time...

So I have a confession to make.
A dirty, dark secret to tell.
I won't even go into too much detail because of the shame.

Sooo...I had access to the password for the email of someone I highly disliked.
For a while now, I've been checking it randomly, and being gleeful when things seemed to not be going this persons way.
Yes, I know, total invasion of privacy, I'm a bad person.
I feel bad admitting it, but had this person not changed their password today, you better believe I would still be checking it.
It's like the end of an era.
Part of me feels a little sad that I will no longer be "in the know."
Another part of me feels like I should've stopped checking that email a long time ago and this will be healthy for me.
But this person's life is such a clusterfuck that it's so entertaining to read about the disasters going on.
It's never anything life threatening, I wouldn't go as far as gaining joy from someone's misery to that extent.
But if that person was stressed out, then yes, that might cause me a little joy. If things didn't go their way, if they were unable to control or dictate every single little thing as is their norm, then yes, joy for me.

But now that is over. Shit hit the fan and this person finally realized that it would be a good idea to change their password, after sharing it with a bunch of people they treated like shit. Smart move, genius.
So now I have to bid adieu to one of my sources of entertainment.
Hey, maybe now I'll have time to write more since I won't have time to snoop.
Here's hoping!


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