Puerto Rico Pics!

As promised, I'm sharing some pictures of my vacation in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Most of these were taken in locations there, except the beach pictures, those were taken in Isla Verde, PR.
I miss it so much, we had snow yesterday and we're supposed to have -40 degree weather tomorrow, so I just try to deal with the cold by picturing myself in sunny, warm, beautiful PR.

I took this picture while we were waiting for the hotel to call us and tell us our room was ready. It's by the ferry.

Once we got in our room, I took a nap, as I stated in the prior post. But woke up in time to catch the sunset near the Paseo de la Princesa.

The next day we ventured out to El Morro, then the day before we left, we visited Castillo San Cristobal, 2 historic areas of Old San Juan. 

We also visited the ocean at Isla Verde. That was a blast. We even partook in some coquito and parcha ice cream.

We went on a ferry ride also. It cost a whopping .50 cents per trip, so $1 round trip.

Some other sights we saw as we walked around OSJ.

There is a photographic summary of my trip. I look forward to another visit someday. I will now continue to look out the window at this cold snow and daydream of being in PR.


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