Good-bye My Love...

This year, 2013, I am saying good-bye to one of my loves...and I'm here to share my sadness.

We've been together for many, many years, in good times and in bad. You are always there for me when I want/need you, and you have never let me down. You have the ability to make me feel much better, just by being there for me.

Our love sounds great, right? Why would I leave you if it's so good? Oh, because like many people's loves, you can also hurt me. You're bad for me, actually. No doubt about it. I know it, and so does everyone who knows you. Just like you have the capacity to make me feel good, you have the ability to cause me damage. So for that reason, I've decided to say good-bye.

It's not going to be easy, as you're everywhere I am, and I know I will come across you often. I don't look forward to the awkwardness caused by me ignoring you in front of others, as everyone knows about us. Please don't be upset when this happens. Know that I love you and would reach out for you if I could, it just isn't right.

If we do meet on down the road, it'll only be a brief affair, we can't ever again get as attached as we are now. I'm not opening the door to future flings with you in the near future, at least until the end of the year. Once 2013 is done, then perhaps we will meet again, but if not being with you has me feeling as great as I suspect I will be feeling, then this is for sure the end of us.

Coke, I will miss you greatly. Thanks for the memories!



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